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NSGC Summary of Results 2022-23

Letter from Minister

Who Does What

There is good work happening in the gaming industry. Find out how we work together to keep Nova Scotia’s regulated gaming industry sustainable and socially responsible.

Social Responsibility

At Nova Scotia Gaming, we’re committed to ensuring a responsible, accountable, and sustainable regulated gaming industry in Nova Scotia.

Looking back on the past year, we’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished with our two operating partners, Atlantic Lottery and Casino Nova Scotia, and the 1200+ retailers and business owners from across our province

Our commitment to being socially responsible means ensuring the integrity of the gaming industry, giving players the information they need to make informed decisions about their play, and giving back to communities.

Our Pillars of Social Responsibility

Nova Scotia Gaming’s Social Responsibility Charter is the foundation of our commitment to Nova Scotia.

Annual Report 2022-23

Hosted 21st annual Gambling Literacy Awareness Week and continued year-long campaign

The campaign achieved all its key objectives, including reaching a percentage of 49% (target 45%) of Nova Scotians surveyed, who felt that the Awareness Week advertisements made them think about their own gambling, or someone else’s.

Healthy Play Programs and Training

NSGC delivered responsible gambling programs, including providing responsible gambling training through Atlantic Lottery and Casino Nova Scotia for employees working in the industry.

Annual Report 2022-23
Annual Report 2022-23

Incident Reporting

Reported 160 incidents related to Section 24(1)(e) of the Gaming Control Act. Most incidents were resolved through prescribed procedures, while 16 incidents that occurred in the fourth quarter remain open.

Responsible Gambling Assessment Program

The program is designed to ensure new products, marketing, initiatives, promotions, and programs are reviewed using objective risk-based criteria. In total, 1,039 assessments were reviewed before they were released into market.

Annual Report 2022-23

Where the Money Goes

Where the money comes from chart

Payment to Province (28%)

$173.5 million

Other (9%)

Taxes (less payroll taxes) (6%): $37.6 million
Community Contributions (2%): $10.2 million
Prevention, Education & Treatment (1%): $6.5 million

Retailer Commissions (6%)

$35.5 million

Salaries & Benefits (5%)

$34.7 million

Prizes (23%)

$145.6 million

Operations & Equipment (29%)

$180.8 million

Where the Money Comes From

Where the money comes from chart

$494.9 million

Total revenue

Ticket Lottery (57%)

$280.4 million

Video Lottery (25%)

$124.2 million

Casinos (18%)

$90.3 million

Delivering Results

We’re proud that 100% of gaming profits is funding what matters most to Nova Scotians, helping to fund important programs and services including healthcare, roads, schools, culture sector and sports.

In 2022-23, the Payment to Province was


Annual Report 2022-23

Outcomes & Performance Measures

Gross revenue

$473.2 million

$494.9 million

Gross revenue was above budget primarily because of a strong rebound in casinos following the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. Also, the launch of iCasino had a positive impact on the overall revenue.

Payment to Province

$151.1 million

$173.5 million

The payment to the province aligned with the revenue trend, which was driven by the strong post pandemic play in casinos and the launch of iCasino.

% Support for regulated gambling



Measured through the survey for Gambling Literacy Awareness Week, using an online panel of 500 Nova Scotians.

Economic Impact

sales ticket icon.


Million in retailer commissions

ticket icon.


Ticket lottery retailers

key icon.


Video lottery retailers

coin icon.


Million in wages and benefits

heart in hand icon.


Million in prevention, education and treatment funding

toolbox icon


Nova Scotians directly employed in the gaming industry


Nova Scotia Gaming is responsible for the conduct and manage of the regulated gaming industry. We do this effectively by establishing appropriate strategic goals for our operators and setting performance measures.

View the performance measures for:

Annual Report 2022-23
  • In total 48 Atlantic Lottery players won a prize of over $100,000 in 2022-23, right here in Nova Scotia.
  • Thrilled Lotto Max fans with 49 Maxmillions events during the year.
  • Many new games were launched in 2022-23, particularly in the popular Digital Instants category. A total of 43 Digital Instant Games, 40 Scratch N’ Win games and 4 Video Lottery Games were launched.
  • Launched online casino-style games in July 2022
  • The total number of video lottery terminals retired through attrition in 2022-23 is 8, with a total of 217 since 2011.
  • Entertained guests by hosting concerts throughout the year, including sold-out Songwriter’s Circle shows and sold-out New Year’s Eve concerts, featuring The Trews.
  • Hosted promotional events, such as gift giveaways, which took place every Friday and Saturday during the year.
  • Continued to enhance the guest experience by offering a buffet offering, including a Veterans Buffet prior to Remembrance Day, which provided armed forces and first responder personnel with a free buffet.
Annual Report 2022-23

Community Programs

Nova Scotia Gaming supports numerous community initiatives because we believe good corporate citizenship starts in the community. 

Annual Report 2022-23
support for sport icon.

The program has far-reaching impacts. We are proud to highlight achievements in sport at the yearly Support4Sport Awards.


contributed this year

Annual Report 2022-23


athletes supported


coaches/officials supported


community sport organizations supported

Since Inception

The program has contributed over


to support amateur athletes, coaches, officials, and community sport organizations.



Josée Gallant

Team Canada Weightlifter

“Because Nova Scotia Gaming has Support4Sport, it allowed me to focus on what I love to make my dreams come true.”

Through Support4Sport funding, Josee was able to do what a lot of athletes can’t – focus on weightlifting without worrying about making ends-meet, and being able to do what she loves without financial stress.

Support for culture lcon.

Supporting arts, culture, and heritage in communities across Nova Scotia, Support4Culture is another designated lottery program.


Contributed this year

Annual Report 2022-23


projects supported


of Nova Scotians agree that Culture helps enrich quality of life


of Nova Scotians support revenue going to the Support4Culture program

Since Inception

Introduced in 2013, this program has contributed more than


to date for aspiring and established artists and community arts, culture and heritage organizations.

Russell Grosse

Executive Director of the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia

“Without support and programs like Support4Culture, it would be impossible for projects like the African Nova Scotian Seafarers Project to exist”

Annual Report 2022-23

This program provides supports to community organizations looking to have a greater impact in their communities.


Raised since inception for good causes.

Annual Report 2022-23


events held this year