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The more you know about gambling, the more likely you are to have fun playing.

Check out for practical information to help you understand how gambling works, information on the odds, tutorials and tips for staying on track and on budget. 
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Who’s Who?

Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) is governed by the provincial Gaming Control Act. We work with our operators, Atlantic Lottery and Great Canadian Entertainment, to ensure the industry is transparent, accountable and entertaining.


Since 2006, Nova Scotians have raised $59.6 million to foster sport in the Province.

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Since 2013, Nova Scotians have raised more than $33.2 million for arts, culture and heritage in Nova Scotia.

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What's New

At Nova Scotia Gaming, we are proud to be at the helm of the province’s regulated gaming industry, ensuring games are fun and responsible. With our operators, Atlantic Lottery and Casino Nova Scotia, we reach almost every community in the province with gaming experiences our customers want; when, where and how they want them.

We make Nova Scotia a better place by returning 100% of the profits to government programs and good causes that are important to Nova Scotians.