2017 - 2018

Community Report

Nova Scotians continue to tell us they support the work we’re doing.

  • Current, public support for regulated gaming: 64%. This is up from an average of 54% during the five-year period of 2011-2016, and we’re committed to increasing confidence through our ongoing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Support commitment to responsible gambling: 81%

Andrew Fiddes, NSGC staff, asks Nova Scotians to answer a short survey on regulated gaming.

Responsible Gambling Resources

More than 50,000 visitors have stopped by our Responsible Gambling Resource Centres at the Halifax and Sydney casinos since 2005-06. Visitors leave with information on how to manage their play and where to go for help if they need it.
Our responsible gambling brochures are now available in: Arabic, English, French, Mandarin and Mi’kmaq.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is an annual event with a year-round message: the more you understand the game, the more likely it is to be a positive experience.

Awareness continues to grow. Here’s a look at how the campaign has performed for the last three years:

Testing Games Before Launching

New games in all of NSGC’s business lines were made available to Nova Scotians over the past year.

  • Daily Grand
  • Poker Lotto
  • Digital Instants

Part of NSGC’s role is to complete a Social Responsibility Assessment on every new initiative before it launches. In 2017-18, we completed 550 assessments.


Percentage of payouts

If someone chooses to gamble, they should know the odds of winning always favour the house. If they decide to play, they have a right to expect the game to be fair and honest, secure and free from tampering, and that prizes go to the rightful owner.  

  • Video Lottery: 93%-95%  
  • Ticket Lottery: 33%-65%  
  • Casino Slots: 92%  
  • Casino Tables: 80%

Age of Majority

Lottery products are fun, and make great gifts, but only for adults.
NSGC and its ticket lottery operator, Atlantic Lottery, take measures to ensure Nova Scotians understand that lottery products are sold to adults 19 and older.
We also participate in the McGill University Holiday Campaign to promote age-appropriate gift-giving and ensure lottery products are not given to minors as gifts.
NSGC manages compliance with age of majority rules, and we have policies in place to ensure all retailers comply with those rules year-round.


Support4Sport is a designated ticket lottery program that makes meaningful impact in Nova Scotia’s sport community. Since its inception the program has contributed nearly $38 million to support amateur athletes, coaches, officials, and community sport organizations, and over 125,000 Nova Scotians benefit each year.


NSGC provides funding to Sport Nova Scotia who manages the program. Working together, these are a few of the great events we’ve supported:

  • Olympic Cheering Party
  • Support4Sport awards
  • Special Olympics Friends and Family event
  • Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame Top 15 Athletes


Support4Culture is a designated lottery program that supports arts, culture and heritage in communities across Nova Scotia. The program was introduced in 2013 and has contributed more than $12 million to 370 artists and community arts and organizations.
Support4Culture funds are distributed through the Department of Culture, Communities and Heritage. A number of projects were supported in 2018, such as:

  • Mi’kmaq History Month
  • L ‘Association des Radios
  • Parrsboro Creative Arts Association
  • Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance

Proud Nova Scotians

Our staff and Board of Directors are comprised of people who put social responsibility at the forefront of everything we do.
We are grateful for the contributions of all our Board members, past and present. The following are our current Board members:

  • Byron Rafuse (Board Chair)
  • Jeannine Lagassé
  • Tracey Taweel
  • Les Barker
  • Ian Cavanagh
  • Sarah Greenblatt

Board expenses are posted on NSGC’s website along with those of senior leadership.

Revitalizing our Casinos

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation continues to provide high-calibre experiences at both Casino Nova Scotia locations. And, the Halifax and Sydney casinos have made improvements which has resulted in a 15.6% increase in casino visitation in 2017-18.


Most recently, in the Halifax casino, the revitalization included the Station, a new bar area called 3Sixty, and the Schooner Showroom which is providing high-level performance acts and exciting new entertainment choices for Nova Scotians.

Working with Prescott Group

NSGC is proud to work with non-profit, community-based organizations.
Prescott Group is one example. It creates meaningful work opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities in Nova Scotia.

Shelley St. Peters, Ian Wright, Bonnie Doward work in Prescott Mailing.

Sponsoring community events

NSGC is proud to sponsor a wide-variety of events throughout the province. Some examples include:

  • Theatre Nova Scotia Robert Merritt Awards
  • Creative Nova Scotia Awards
  • Women’s Leadership Conference
  • Atlantic Coaches Conference
  • Atlantic Convenience Store Awards and trade show
  • Special Olympics Family and Friends event

Gambling Support Network

We know, for the vast majority of Nova Scotians, gambling is a form of entertainment. Anyone who believes they, or someone they care about is experiencing harm from their gambling can access help through the Gambling Support Network.