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The Facts About Gambling

We know there are lots of myths about gambling in Nova Scotia. Here are the facts.

Gaming Stats (As of April, 2016)
# of Casinos 2
# of VLTs 2,108
(excluding First Nations)
# of VLTs – First Nations 608
# of VLT Retailers 306
# of TL Retailers 1,072
# of Slot Machines 563 Halifax
272 Sydney
# of Tables 32 Halifax
7 Sydney


Average Prize Payout
Video Lotttery 93-95%
Ticket Lottery 33-65%
Casino Slots 92%
Casino Tables 80-84%


Employment (# of direct jobs created by gaming)
Halifax Casino 331
Sydney Casino 134
ALC-NS Operations 42

Participation in Gambling

  • 72.8% of adults in Nova Scotia reported gambling at least once a year. Of these individuals, over 93.2% do so for entertainment and without risk.(1)
  • Based on the Canadian Problem Gambling Index (CPGI), 0.7% of the adult population (about 5,100) in Nova Scotia have a gambling problem or are defined as a problem gambler. An additional 1.3% (about 9,600) are considered at moderate risk of experiencing a problem with gambling. (1)



(1) 2013 Nova Scotia Adult Gambling Information Collection Project