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Social Responsibility

It’s important for all Nova Scotians, whether they choose to gamble or not, to know how social responsibility underscores everything we do. 


Our commitment to being socially responsible means ensuring the integrity of the gaming industry, giving players the information they need to play responsibly, and giving back to the community.   


Social Responsibility Community Report



Integrity of the Industry

We ensure that we follow all regulations and our provincial regulator, the Alcohol Gaming Fuel and Tobacco Division of Service Nova Scotia, oversees what we do. The AGFTD is a separate entity, independent from us and our industry operators. 

We work with the AGFTD and our operators to ensure a responsible, safe and secure gaming environment. 

The AGFTD also processes charitable gaming applications and grants licences.


Playing Responsibly

Keeping the fun and entertainment in gambling is an important part of being socially responsible. If you choose to gamble, we are committed to providing you with information and tools to help you make informed decisions about your play.

Whether you’re buying a lottery ticket or playing games at the casino, knowing how the games work can help you keep gambling fun. Visit or if you’re at the casino, visit the Responsible Gambling Resource Centre for information on the odds, how gambling works, tutorials and tips for staying on track and on budget.

Every year during the first week of October, we mark Responsible Gambling Awareness Week. The week highlights the work we do all year long to help players understand the odds of winning and losing, as well as understanding the games they play. We use the week to provide players with information they may need to make more informed decisions about their play, and differentiate myths from facts. 

Responsible Gambling Training

We know it’s important for people who work in gambling facilities to know how gambling works and how to respond to players in any situation. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we require all ticket lottery and video lottery retailers, casino staff from management to gaming floor employees and our own staff, to successfully complete Responsible Gambling Training annually. 

Responsible Gambling Assessments

We hold ourselves to a high standard because that’s what Nova Scotians expect. Every single game or promotion that is offered in Nova Scotia has gone through a Responsible Gambling Assessment, which sometimes means calling in the experts. Responsible gambling researchers from around the world weigh in on how to ensure our games, products and initiatives are socially responsible. In addition, we consult with Advertising Standards Canada on our Code of Advertising Standards to make sure all marketing and promotions reflect Nova Scotian values and industry best practices with regards to protection of minors and responsible gambling.

More Resources for Help

When gambling is no longer fun, there are supports to help. Casino Nova Scotia and offer voluntary self-exclusion programs for when it’s time to step away. 

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call the trained counsellors at the free and confidential Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness Gambling Support Network: 1-888-347-8888 and 1-888-347-3331 (TTY).