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2019 - 2020

Summary of Results

Nova Scotians Do Good Work in Gaming

We make Nova Scotia a better place by returning 100% of the profits to government programs and good causes that are important to Nova Scotians.

At Nova Scotia Gaming, we’re proud that 100 percent of gaming profits are helping to fund what matters most to Nova Scotians.

Each time you play one of our games, the profits are invested back into our province to help fund important programs and services including healthcare, roads, schools, cultural industries and sports.

How much was NSGC's Payment to Province in 2019-2020?

$123.8 million The Payment to Province in 2019-20 was $136.5 million.
$136.5 million Yes! In 2019-20, the Payment to Province was $136.5 million.
$180.2 million The Payment to Province in 2019-20 was $136.5 million.
$150.6 million The Payment to Province in 2019-20 was $136.5 million.


There is good work happening in Nova Scotia’s gaming industry. Find out how we all work together to keep the regulated gaming industry sustainable and socially responsible in Nova Scotia.




$35.5 million

Retailer Commissions


Ticket Lottery Retailers


Video Lottery Retailers

$21.2 million

Wages & Benefits

500+ Nova Scotians are also directly employed in the gaming industry.



$6.6 million

Prevention, Education & Treatment

$4.2 million


$4.0 million


$0.2 million


COVID-19 Response

In March 2020, NSGC along with its operators, Casino Nova Scotia and Atlantic Lottery, responded to the COVID-19 global pandemic by closing casinos, suspending VLT operations and adjusting business practices to adhere to guidelines outlined by federal and provincial health authorities.

NSGC, Casino Nova Scotia and Atlantic Lottery continue to work together to follow health officials’ guidance and precautions.

In preparation for reopening of operations, NSGC developed a plan that operators in the Nova Scotia regulated gambling sector will adhere to in addition to guidelines outlined by federal and provincial health authorities.


We believe responsible gambling is about fostering an environment that promotes safer play and informed decisions.

We delivered a comprehensive suite of responsible gambling programs, including working with Atlantic Lottery and Casino Nova Scotia to provide responsible gambling training for staff working in the industry.


Both the Halifax and Sydney Casinos were re-accredited through the RG Check Program in 2019. This program was created by the Responsible Gambling Council, an independent, non-profit organization. The RG Check Accreditation process involves an extensive review of responsible gambling programs.

In October 2019, we marked the 18th annual Responsible Gambling Awareness Week. The campaign achieved all its key objectives and 63% of Nova Scotians surveyed felt the Responsible Gambling Awareness Week advertisements made them think about their own, or someone else’s gambling.

We modernized the Voluntary Self-Exclusion program to offer casino patrons an effective responsible gambling tool in managing their play and accessing support if they need it. Changes were implemented to the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program at Casino Nova Scotia on January 22, 2020.

Updates to the program to include:

  • Forfeiture of wins;
  • New term lengths of 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and indefinite, and;
  • New reinstatement protocol.



We are accountable for managing the regulated gaming industry in the province. That means leading an economically sustainable and socially responsible gaming industry that makes Nova Scotia a better place.

We moved to an audit-based approach for the Responsible Gambling Assessment program. The program is designed to ensure new products, marketing, initiatives, promotions and programs are reviewed using objective risk-based criteria.

In total, 887 assessments were completed before they were released into market.

Expectations for performance management of our two operators, Atlantic Lottery and Casino Nova Scotia, are now outlined on Nova Scotia Gaming’s website. This illustrates our commitment to transparency in how we manage all our lines of business.

In 2019-20 we maintained shareholder and stakeholder support and communications:

  • Conducted regular meetings throughout the 2019-20 year with NSGC’s Board;
  • Delivered quarterly financial and community reports;
  • Provided updates on strategic and operational matters to the Minister responsible for Part I of the Gaming Control Act; and,
  • Held regular meetings with Atlantic Lottery and Casino Nova Scotia, as we as stakeholder groups.


Sharing our financial statements is part of our commitment to being open and transparent in everything we do.

Operational Highlights

We are accountable for managing the regulated gaming industry in the province. That means leading an economically sustainable and socially responsible gaming industry that makes Nova Scotia a better place.

Lotto Max fans were thrilled by the chance to win 35 Maxmillions events during the year.

In total, 29 Atlantic Lottery players won a prize of over $100,000 in 2019-20, right here in Nova Scotia.


  • Atlantic Lottery launched Hit or Miss, a new regional draw game, ahead of schedule on September 20, 2019.
  • Lotto Max was revamped to a two-draw-per-week format (Tuesdays and Fridays) in May 2019. There were several record breaking jackpots!
  • 18 VLTs were retired through attrition. This brings the total number or terminals permanently removed from the market through attrition to 209 since 2011.


  • Casino Nova Scotia welcomed entertainment including several Songwriters Circle events as part of the Nova Scotia Music Hall of Fame Inductee celebrations in February.
  • Casino Nova Scotia incorporated player feedback to further enhance the effectiveness of offerings at Halifax and Sydney. This included improving food and beverage quality, buffet options and specials such as lobster and wings specials.

Community Programs

We continued to contribute to causes important to Nova Scotians through three hallmark community programs.


Support4Sport, a designated ticket lottery program, is making meaningful impacts to sport throughout the province.

$4.2 Million


Since its inception, the program has contributed over $46.8 million to support amateur athletes, coaches, officials, and community sport organizations.

“One of our mottos is ‘Challenge Perceptions, Challenge Barriers.’ One of the major barriers that our athletes, their families, and our organization face is the financial burden of organized activities. The funding we received from Support4Sport removes this burden for everyone.”

Randy Crouse, Fort Ellis, NS
Challenger Baseball – Started Nova Scotia chapter of Challenger Baseball

In 2019-20, Support4Sport funding included:

  • 209 athlete allocations;
  • 61 coach and official allocations; and,
  • 272 community and provincial sport organizations allocations, which reach 125,000 Nova Scotians on an annual basis.

We were proud to highlight their achievements at the annual Support4Sport Awards, this year taking place virtually!


Another designated lottery program is Support4Culture, which supports arts, culture, and heritage in communities across Nova Scotia.

$4.0 Million


More than $16 Million has been distributed across Nova Scotia since 2013  for the Support4Culture program.

“The funding we receive impacts the whole of Cape Breton. It allows us to do more with our culture and gives visitors a taste of what it’s like in Cape Breton year-round. With this funding, we’re able to hire local musicians and technicians to help promote Gaelic culture.”

Margie Beaton
The Gaelic College



Support4Communities is a Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation Program that helps organizations learn how to improve their fundraising efforts.

$0.2 Million


In total, NSGC helped 12 organizations raise more than $175,000 for good causes across the province.


$1 Million

Harness Racing Industry


Exhibition Association of Nova Scotia


Cultural Federation of Nova Scotia


Sport Nova Scotia

Casino employees represent Great Canadian Gaming Corporation’s values of citizenship through the PROUD program.

Together, we all take pride funding what matters to Nova Scotians, too.


Hospice Halifax

Support4Sport Awards

VIP Coach Program

Halifax Wanderers

Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame Induction Night

Robert Merritt Theatre Awards

Association of Nova Scotia Museums Conference